Backlog 2 RSS feed for public list Backlog 2 A shock to the system : by Brennan, Timothy J. Algebra and trigonometry / by Rees, Paul K. American economic history / by Hughes, Jonathan R. T. An econometric analysis of the urban housing market / by Straszheim, Mahlon R., Basic business statistics : by Berenson, Mark L. Boilerplate : Brief principles of macroeconomics / by Mankiw, N. Gregory. Business ethics : Business ethics : by Crane, Andrew, Business loan costs and bank market structure: an empirical estimate of their relations by Jacobs, Donald P. Business statistics : by Black, Ken E-commerce : by Laudon, Kenneth C., Econometrics / by Stewart, Jon, Economic analysis in health care / by Morris, Stephen. Economics / by Lipsey, Richard G. Economics of fisheries : by Hannesson, Rognvaldur. Economics of the environment : by Dorfman, Robert, Economics, environmental policy, and the quality of life / by Baumol, William J. Electronic communication systems / by Blake, Roy. Electronic devices and circuits / by Bogart, Theodore F. Elementary statistics / by Weiss, Neil A. Elementary statistics for economics and business : Elements of econometrics by Kmenta, Jan Environmental economics and policy / by Tietenberg, Thomas H. Essential statistics / by Moore, David S. Essentials of statistics : by Kohler, Heinz. Essentials of statistics : by Kohler, Heinz. Evolving financial markets and international capital flows : by Davis, Lance E. Fundamentals of statistics / by Sullivan, Michael, Handbook of industrial organization / Handbook of mathematical functions with formulas, graphs, and mathematical tables / Health economics and financing / by Getzen, Thomas E. How taxes affect economic behavior / Instrumental analysis / Intermediate microeconomics / by Clower, Robert W. International economics / by Salvatore, Dominick. International finance : by Levi, Maurice D., Intro stats / by De Veaux, Richard D. Introduction to the use of mathematics in economic analysis / by Huang, David S., Introductory circuit analysis / by Boylestad, Robert L. Limited-dependent and qualitative variables in econometrics / by Maddala, G. S. Linear programming and economic analysis / by Dorfman, Robert. Macroeconomics : by Auerbach, Alan J. Macroeconomics / by Mankiw, N. Gregory. Mathematica : by Wolfram, Stephen, Mathematica reference guide / by Wolfram, Stephen, Microeconomic analysis / by Varian, Hal R. Microeconomic problems : by Mansfield, Edwin. Microeconomics / by Parkin, Michael, Microeconomics / by Perloff, Jeffrey M. Microeconomics / by Goolsbee, Austan, Microeconomics / by Pindyck, Robert S. Principles of macroeconomics / by Mankiw, N. Gregory. Principles of microeconomics / by Mankiw, N. Gregory. Productivity, competitiveness, trade performance and real income : : by Markusen, James R., Public policies for environmental protection / Statistics for business and economics : by Mansfield, Edwin. Sustaining capitalism : by Odland, Steve, The economics of government regulation : by Strick, John C. The endogenous formation of economic coalitions / The financial effects of inflation / by Cagan, Phillip. The Lancashire cotton industry and its rivals : by Kawakatsu, Heita, The mathematica book / by Wolfram, Stephen, The McGraw-Hill encyclopedia of economics / The new economics of outdoor recreation / Valuing environmental goods : by Cummings, Ronald G. Valuing recreation and the environment :